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Our Personalized Approach

Along with other healthcare services, we specialize in having a personalized and holistic approach to meet each patient's unique needs and conditions.

Diabetes Management

We believe in a holistic all-round methodology to managing diabetes, incorporating behaviour modification and personalised lifestyle management with our approach.

Women's Health

We provide a one stop service for women with gyneacological needs. Our services include Pap smears, pelvic ultrasounds, antenatal checks and follow-ups, family planning, menstrual dysfunction treatments and menopause clinic.

Mental Health Counselling


We are trained and experienced with mental health counselling. We provide help with management of depression, anxiety and other reactive mood disorders.

Elderly and Complex Conditions


Our strengths are in our experienced team in managing elderly patients with complex conditions, as well as all acute and chronic diseases.

We also provide services in health screening, minor surgery (suturing of open wounds, removal of foreign bodies, wound care and dressing), and vaccinations (Hepatitis B, Infanrix 5 in 1, Rotarix, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis A, MMR, HPV, Influenza etc.)

Please contact us for any enquiries or make an appointment at the button below.

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